1 March to 6 April

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The Embassy of France in Australia is proud to be a partner of the 33rd Alliance Française French Film Festival. For more than three decades, this widely celebrated Festival has been presenting the best of French excellence on the big screen. Last year it reached unparalleled heights, featuring several world premieres and attracting over 170,000 patrons.

Courage, generosity, equality, and team spirit are recurring themes which demonstrate France’s determination to address contemporary challenges positively. This richness is evident in the selection of 42 movies for the Festival this year which will provide a film that everyone can enjoy. In fact, they will surely find several!

This year’s Festival would not have been possible without the unwavering support from Palace Cinemas, Alliances Françaises, sponsors, partners, and distributors who have
continuously offered the Festival a selection of movies highlighting the richness and diversity of French cinema to our ever-growing and faithful audience.

This success also owes much to a dedicated audience and the positive word-of-mouth which the Alliance Française French Film Festival generates.

There is hope. The Festival is the best demonstration that we can still dream together and start a new beginning.

H.E. Jean-Pierre Thébault is the Ambassador of France to Australia

Artistic Director


Storytelling is in the DNA of human nature and cinema is one of our most profound ways to share those stories. Despite the challenges of the past 2 years, French filmmakers have continued to create entertaining and thought-provoking content.

Just as the last edition of the Alliance Française French Film Festival marked new milestones, including record audiences despite a pandemic, the 33rd Festival will feature 42 films, covering a wide spectrum of genres and again including several Australian premieres and many world premieres! This year’s program also sees 5 directors making their feature film debut.

The opening movie Lost Illusions is a masterpiece told with panache and covers a subject matter very relevant to our times. Overall, the line-up presents a window to the challenges of now and tomorrow’s world. French cinema presents a snapshot of our society, the society we want to build together with generosity and a sense of commitment. We also need to laugh and escape from these bewildering times. The AF FFF 2022 features several comedies, many beautiful tales of romance and compelling stories. You will travel to France, Lebanon, Mali, Russia, Canada, Tibet, the North Pole and many other places... and meet fascinating characters that will take you into the whirlwind of life. They are free, wild and deeply seductive, rather like Alain Delon in Purple Noon, our Classic movie. The 33rd edition of the Alliance Française French Film Festival is a welcome Ode a la Vie!

Karine Mauris is the Cultural Attachée of the French Embassy, and has been the Artistic Director of the Alliance Française French Film Festival since 2020.

AF Australia

Thanks to the support of our students, partners, friends and board members, the Alliance Française French Film Festival has continued to charm, challenge and entertain Australians during these difficult times. The 2021 festival was an outstanding success as was the 2020 edition which was one of the largest public events to take place in the country that year.

If you miss France and all things French, the 2022 edition of the festival is sure to please. It’s been a tough time for artists across the globe, but this hasn’t dampened French creativity which can be seen at its best in this ambitious and diverse program.

Armchair travel to France with the festival and immerse yourself in French language and culture with the Alliances Francaises d’Australie in your own city. We’re proud to be presenting the 33rd Alliance Française French Film Festival and hope you can continue your French journey by checking out our extensive range of online and in-person French language courses and events.

Whether it’s to polish up your language skills, or embark on learning French for the first time, come and join us for the second part of your French adventure. France is waiting for you!

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