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Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2017
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FRANCE • DRAMA • 82 MINS • 2015 • G
Directed by: SIMON ROUBY
Starring: Abdoulaye-Azize, Diabate Oxmo, Puccino Pascal, N'Zonzi Jack Amba
This superb and splendidly original coming-of-age adventure tale premiered at France’s prestigious Annecy Animation Film Festival, and the fervent international accolades have not ceased since.

This epic tale of young courage follows 12-year-old Adama, whose older brother disappears from the cliff-enclosed paradise of a remote West African village. Defying the village elders, the brave, young boy sets off across the season a determined quest to find him. His odyssey leads him into the cold, dark north, where his inner courage is tested as he is thrust onto the front line of World War I’s horrific Battle of Verdun.

Inspired by the true stories of West Africans who were conscripted by France to fight in World War I, director Simon Rouby’s debut film features impressive and distinctive animation techniques that combine sculpture, 2D and 3D animation to express an enormous spectrum of place and emotion. Adama conjures a magical realist atmosphere by weaving mystical elements into an enthralling story that has both nuance and depth, making this an unforgettable journey which will be adored by adults as much as by children.

French with English subtitles



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 4:00 PMSaturday 18 March Cinema Paradiso
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 6:30 PMMonday 27 March Luna on SX

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