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FRANCE • DRAMA • 97 MINS • 2016 • CTC
Directed by: JUSTINE TRIET
Starring: Virginie Efira, Vincent Lacoste, Melvil Poupaud, Laurent Poitrenaux
“You’re the queen of drama queens,” states the love interest of Victoria (an irresistible Virginie Efira, Up for Love, 2016), a shrewd Parisian criminal lawyer and single mother battling to survive in the wild and unpredictable worlds of the courtroom and the bedroom.

Low sexual libido is just one of Victoria’s many mid-life crises in this delightfully quirky and amusing contemporary romcom which opened the Critics’ Week at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. She is also juggling two young daughters; an ex-husband whose blog lays bare her past exploits; a much younger potential love interest (Vincent Lacoste, Eden, AFFFF15) who happens to be an ex-drug-dealer; and to top it all off, she is working on what could be the strangest assault trial in legal history involving a chimpanzee and a dalmatian as character witnesses.

Vivid and colourful cinematography further highlight the comedic talents of an immensely likeable Efira, while director Justine Triet delivers tons of energy and even more outlandishness to this portrait of a fallible and identifiable female character. One part battle-of-the-sexes and one part a quest for balance, this is a comedy guaranteed to charm.

French with English subtitles



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