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FRANCE • COMEDY • 89 MINS • 2015 • CTC
Directed by: FRED CAVAYÉ
Starring: Dany Boon, Laurence Arné, Noémie Schmidt, Patrick Ridremont
French comedy king Dany Boon (Lolo, AF FFF16) returns to the screen in fine form as a compulsive "penny pincher" whose parsimonious ways are upended by the surprise arrival of two new women in his life.

Forty-something and single, violinist François Gautier’s (Boon) driving motivation in life is to never spend a cent. Saving brings him joy while paying makes him break out in a sweat. His waking moments are spent devising ways to maximise his profits and minimise his losses. But within the space of 24-hours, his life is forced in an entirely new and very entertaining direction when he falls in love with his orchestra’s new cellist, Valérie (Laurence Arné) and the sixteen-year-old daughter he never knew about arrives on his doorstep.

In order to conceal his shameful flaw, François builds a sticky web of lies which gets him into a sequence of awkward and hysterical situations that will have the audience in stitches. While he desperately scrambles to keep these women in his life, François begins to realise the true cost of lying in this funny and refreshing comedy about taking obsessions one step too far.

French with English subtitles



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Not showing in Hobart.

Not showing in Casula.

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