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French Ambassador


Cinema is an art form which holds an invaluable place in French culture, with 250 films produced every year in France alone. These films are supported by the French government, understanding the importance of arts and culture - an investment that I'm incredibly proud of.

Alongside the French Embassy, the Alliance Française French Film Festival have shared the best in French film with Australian audiences for 34 years now. We are so proud of the growth of this event, which has ascended to previously unimaginable heights over the years, with 153,000 eager spectators in attendance last year alone. I would like to thank the teams at the Embassy and in Alliances Françaises nationally, Palace Cinemas and the Australian distributors who have contributed to making this event a success despite many hurdles, including a global pandemic.

The festival is not only a celebration of cinema, through it we are grateful for the opportunity to share powerful stories expressed in the French language, and to immerse newcomers in our culture. It will, I hope, give you the desire to learn French, a language that carries value not only in France, but in all Francophone countries where 275 million people speak this language every day. Alongside a thriving network of partner schools, the Alliances Françaises also share language and culture across Australia - teaching over 10,000 students from far and wide. I commend them for these remarkable results and for their determination in fostering learning and culture through language and of course, great cinema.

H.E. Jean-Pierre Thébault is the Ambassador of France to Australia.

Artistic Director


Our 2023 edition is bursting with exciting new content and the best in new French film – packed to the brim with tales of life, resilience and as always, hope. We can’t wait for festivalgoers to experience our most dynamic line-up to date, highlighting the best in contemporary French cinema.

The 2023 program has something for everyone. Whether it be the hilarity of a meta-zombie comedy, suspenseful thrillers and historical dramas that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat to family-friendly flicks and of course, l’Amour in all its forms! Alongside this year’s biggest French box office successes are November and The Innocent – fast paced and action- packed, these films are definitely not to be missed.

This year the leading ladies of French entertainment take centre stage, with mesmerising performances from Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Virginie Efira and Léa Seyoux, not to mention Call My Agent! favourite Laure Calamy in a bubbly comedy set in Greece. The AF FFF 23 also offers the opportunity to discover a new school of emerging French talent - newcomer Paul Kircher’s performance in Winter Boy, Céline Devaux’s directorial debut in the wickedly funny Everybody Loves Jeanne and the 2023 Academy Award® contender for Best International Feature (France) Saint Omer from Alice Diop featuring rising star Kayije Kagame.

Each story is unique, with that so Frenchy Je ne sais quoi!

Karine Mauris is the Cultural Attachée of the French Embassy, and has been the Artistic Director of the Alliance Française French Film Festival since 2020.

AF Australia

Alliance Française Australie

For 34 years, the Alliance Française network in Australia has organised the Alliance Française French Film Festival, thanks to our Australian friends and their love of French cinema. We extend our gratitude to our loyal supporters who have allowed the Festival to grow and prosper over time.

Our love for our culture, our language and our passions, goes straight to our hearts – touching us deeply.

Seen from France, Australia often appears as a huge distant country on the other side of the world, but we who have the immense privilege of living here know how close the two countries are and how we are bound by an unbreakable friendship. The strength of this link between France and Australia encourages us to outdo ourselves each year.

We look forward to seeing you in the cinemas making bounds of 15,000 km nationwide - at 24 frames per second. Beyond the Festival, we hope that you can continue your French journey by checking out our extensive range of online and in-person French language courses and events.

Whether it's to polish up on your language skills, or learning French for the first time, come and join us at the Alliance Française - France is waiting for you!

Alliance Française network in Australia

Alliance Française network in Australia


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